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Name:Ibis Scrawl
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Community description:The Writings of Jackalibis

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30 days, 50000 words, alice in wonderland, alternate universes, american gods, ancient egypt, anime, anpu, anubis, asian horror, bast, books, bookshops, british writers, browncoats, buddhism, cartoons, challenging perceptions, changeling: the dreaming, changeling: the lost, chocolate, classical music, coffee, coffee shops, costumes, creating, creativity, crochet, dark fantasy, darkness, death, dessert, destiny, deviantart, discworld, djehuty, drawing, dreams, ebooks, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, exalted, fae, faeries, fan art, fantasy, fiction, firefly, folklore, follow friday, followfriday, foxes, gaming, ghosts, giggles, goddesses, gods, godsmack, good omens, graphic novels, great fictional characters, green tea, hatter, hatter m, history, horror, horror movies, hot tea, hugs, hunter: the vigil, ibises, jackals, japan, japanese food, joe muggs, kemetic, kingdom hearts, knitting, languages,, legends, libraries, looking glass wars, ma'at, mad hatter, modern fantasy, monty python, mountain dew, muses, mysteries, mythbusters, mythology, nano, nanowrimo, national novel writing month, neil gaiman, neteru, nightmare before christmas, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, novel writing, novels, paranormal, past lives, photography, pomegranates, quality writing, quotes, randomness, ranger, reading, reincarnation, roleplaying games, rpgs, sandman, sarcasm, science, scion, scribe, serenity, sims 3, skype, sony reader, sookie stackhouse, south park, spirituality, steampunk, stephanie plum, storytelling, strangeness, strawberries, suspense, tea party, teacups, teapots, terry pratchett, the sims 3, thoth, tim burton, true fae, urban fantasy, v for vendetta, vampire the masquerade, vampires, victorian, white wolf, wonderland, words, world of darkness, writing
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